• MagicBees™ 3D Hologram Magic Toy with projection

    MagicBees™ 3D Hologram Magic Toy

    Put on your own fun magic show! Start doing magic tricks right away! Introducing the new MagicBees™ 3D Hologram Magic Toy. Grab the glowing MagicBees out of someone`s ear, throw it onto your phone and watch it glow! Impress your friends with your new marvelous magic tricks and be ready for the 'WOW's! It will bring a lot of fun and joy to your get-togethers. Anyone can do magic tricks. No special tips or tricks needed! MagicBees magically glow in the dark; they can whip through the air and from hand to hand. They move pretty quick and bring magic at your finger tips! Under your comman...

  • MemoMatch™ Wooden Memory Color Match Board Game

    MemoMatch™ Wooden Memory Color Match Board Game

    Simple and fun game that helps develop young minds and sharpen aging memories - while bringing hours of family-bonding joy and happiness Electronics-free fun for all ages - Looking for a way to get kids off screens? Want to have hours of family-bonding fun and joy? Introducing MemoMatch™ - a fun game for all ages that sharpen memories and put smiles on your love ones' faces. Perfect game for family game night, when on vacation, on a rainy day or boring evenings! Helps develop young minds - This fun memory board game is a great way to improve kids' cognitive and memory skills. It...

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  • VitaWood™ DIY 3D Vitascope Wooden Puzzle Kit

    VitaWood™ DIY 3D Vitascope Wooden Puzzle Kit

    Build your own working vintage film projector and experience hours of fun and creativity with VitaWood™ - The puzzle that will play you a movie! Do you know what is the physics behind a movie projector? Did you know in 1896 Thomas Edison introduced Vitascope, the first motion picture projector? Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane and create your own Vitascope? Introducing  VitaWood™, the first battery-free 3D wooden assembled retro projector. Piece by piece, frame by frame, build your very own vintage movie projector that reproduces the classic scenes in modern times....