• SolarSplash™ Solar Powered Fountain (Upgraded)

    SolarSplash™ Solar Powered Fountain (Upgraded)

    Add A New Level Of Vitality To Your Garden With New SolarSplash™ Solar Powered Water Fountain Patio season is calling, level up your garden decor this season. This unique and practical Solar Water Fountain is a perfect choice to bring a new level of vitality and calming atmosphere to your garden. Just float it on your pool or birdbath and it'll immediately start pumping water in the sun. Solar-powered, eco-friendly and easy to set up. It's powered by its high-efficiency solar panels which makes it an environment-friendly water feature for your garden. Also, these means have there...

    $39.85 - $49.85 On Sale
  • Lumina™ 3-In-1 LED Mirror Alarm Clock

    Lumina™ 3-In-1 LED Mirror Alarm Clock

    A unique alarm clock with a modern look that wakes you up in the morning the pleasant way! Waking up in the morning never looked so pleasant and good with this modern, creative and sleekly designed LED mirror digital alarm clock. It has 12-hour and 24-hour time and temperature display modes options to conveniently inform you of the time and temperature.  It also helps you to have the best night sleep by automatically dimming the lighting at night according to your sleeping settings preferences. With reflective mirror surface and two available sizes, Lumina Mirror Clock fits perfectly ev...

    $29.85 $49.95 On Sale
  • Novel Pineapple Slicer and Corer metal

    EasySlice™ Pineapple Slicer and Corer

    Peel, core, and slice an entire pineapple in seconds - quick and easy! Do you love pineapple? Are you tired of wrestling with that tough skin to make delicious pineapple slices? Are you looking for the most easy and hassle-free way to remove the core of a pineapple? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, congratulations because you've just found the solution! Introducing the new upgraded Magic Pineapple Slicer and Corer! This amazing Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer and Corer, cores and slices a whole pineapple quickly and easily. Simply slice off the top of a fresh pine...

    $19.85 $29.99 On Sale
  • BakeAid™ Original Flower Russian Icing Piping Tip Sets

    BakeAid™ Original Flower Russian Icing Piping Tip Sets

    Easily bake cakes and cupcakes that are too good to eat!  Now anyone can decorate cakes and pastries like a PRO! Make beautiful flowers with a simple squeeze of your pastry bag with our new Russian Cake Decorating Tip Set. Just fill your pasty bag with a firm buttercream icing and pipe beautiful flowers directly on to your cake or cupcakes.This is one complete set for all your baking and cake decoration needs in the market. Perfect for both professional bakers and beginners. These tips are perfect for professionals who need to fill up a beautiful bakery case in a jiffy. Busy moms...

    $19.85 - $34.85 On Sale
  • Multi-Color Moon Lamp 12 CM / 4.7 INCH

    Multi-Color Moon Lamp

    Brighten up your room with the beauty of the moon Imagine you can hold the moon in your hands!  We can't take you to the moon but we can bring the moon to you! Experience with the beauty of the real moon  with the new 2018 Multicolor Moon Lamp. It's designed and crafted with fine details and resembles the real look of the moon vividly!  Turn dull nights into magical experiences. Coming home tired from a long day? Admire the beauty of the moon in your room while you're reading your books and unwinding from your tiring day. Forget about the rest of the world and escape into the my...

    $26.99 - $71.99 On Sale
  • IntelliNight™ Wireless Smart LED Night Light & Alarm Clock WHITE

    IntelliNight™ Wireless Smart LED Night Light & Alarm Clock

    Experience a heavenly sleep every night and wake up the right way every morning Did you know your night light is making you depressed? You heard it right - having a nightlight in your room will disturb your sleep hormone production which is connected to depression and increased cancer risk. But you still need your night light to help you with your nighttime bathroom trips, right? Don't worry, you've found the solution. Introducing IntelliNight™ Smart Night Light & Alarm Clock. A smart night light that doesn't disturb your sleep. IntelliNight™ automatically turns off when you go to...

  • Portable 2-in-1 Mini USB Cooler Warmer Black

    Portable 2-in-1 Mini USB Cooler Warmer

    Enjoy your cold beverage without getting away from your desk Are you tired of going all the way from your desk to your fridge? Are you a functioning alcoholic with temperature standards? If your answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, this super cool 2-in-1 Mini USB Cooler and Warmer is for you. This new and novel Desktop Mini USB Cooler and Warmer is a must-have for any thirsty worker. It snugly fits any single can of beverage. It features heating and cooling functionality and not only will cool your drink all the way down to 8-9 degrees centigrade, but it can also heat your food u...

  • Twisti™  Adjustable Jar and Bottle Opener

    Twisti™ Adjustable Jar and Bottle Opener

    Effortlessly open jars and bottles of all sizes with Twisti™ - finally a jar opener that works! Tired of gripping jar and bottle lids or running them under hot water to twist them open? Do you tap stuck jar lids with spoon and hope magic will open them? Introducing the new revolutionary Twisti™ Adjustable Jar and Bottle Opener. Made the though task of opening jars and bottles easy and quick! This amazing Jar Opener takes on the tough task of gripping jars and lids, so all you need to do is to twist! Just adjust it to the correct size to fit the jar or bottle's lid and twist the handle...

    $21.85 $42.99 On Sale
  • Clip-N-Scoop Coffee Spoon

    Clip-N-Scoop Coffee Spoon

    Simpler Mornings With A Unique Two-In-One Coffee Scoop  Attention all coffee lovers, we've got something cool for you! Introducing the new amazing Clip-N-Scoop Coffee Spoon. A must-have kitchen tool for every modern home. You don't need to use all those coffee spoons, kitchen clips and sealers anymore. Just use this perfect coffee scoop for a simpler and more enjoyable morning coffee. All you need to do is open, scoop and clip! Just three easy steps, nothing more! It has a long enough handle for scooping beans, and easily reach the very bottom! You don't have to worry about leaving you...