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Hello From Simply Novelty

Hey there! We’re a bunch of gadget, technology, modern life and fun things enthusiasts who are really exited to tell everyone how cool our site is and why you should buy our products! But before we get into the excitement and throw you a sales pitch, we wanted to start off by giving you a big HELLO! and introduce ourselves the right way by telling our story.

Once Upon a Time ...

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Once upon a time, we were just like you! 

Well, you know the feeling of seeing something that you didn’t know existed but once you know about it you think it’s impossible to live without it. Imagine if you could be the first one to now about and get all those cool gadgets, fantastic novelty items and trendy products all in one place. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

We loved cool things, trendy gadgets and simple decors but we didn't know where to find them, how to look for them and  most importantly how to get them at affordable prices. So, we set ourselves on a mission to see if we can find a place that has all the cool and trendy items at affordable prices. And this opened a whole new world to us.

We Had an Idea

Simply Novelty Idea


We found out that there are lots of small businesses, family owned shops and manufacturers around the world that not only are willing to sell their amazingly cool products but also offer them with great prices. Finding out about all the small businesses with their unbelievably cool products and getting in touch with them was very revealing to us. After a while, a light bulb went off in our head ... What if we make a way to bring all the cool stuff to people in one place?

We got super exited and wanted to share our excitement with everyone. Therefore, we started a company to find and curate simple, novel and cool items and bring them to modern, minimal and happy lifestyle enthusiasts.

SimplyNovelty.com Was Born

Happy Birthday SimplyNovelty.com

This is SimplyNovelty.com. We’re specialized in finding trendy items, secretly cool products and the cool things of tomorrow and bring them to you for a great price. We’re not trendsetters but we definitely bring you the things that are cool right now, stuff you might not know about, or maybe want to know a little more about, or things that your friend has but you don’t know where he got it from. That’s kind of stuff we bring to you.

We believe happiness comes in small packages and simple cool things can enrich life in ways we often underestimate. Therefore, we made it our mission to bring you cool stuff to make you happier. Things you can use, enjoy, talk about and  eventually spread the word about. We want to make it that much easier to find something cool, fast. We're going to update you every time we have a new cool item. Because that's our job, and we're working for you.