• MemoMatch™ Wooden Memory Color Match Board Game

    MemoMatch™ Wooden Memory Color Match Board Game

    Simple and fun game that helps develop young minds and sharpen aging memories - while bringing hours of family-bonding joy and happiness Electronics-free fun for all ages - Looking for a way to get kids off screens? Want to have hours of family-bonding fun and joy? Introducing MemoMatch™ - a fun game for all ages that sharpen memories and put smiles on your love ones' faces. Perfect game for family game night, when on vacation, on a rainy day or boring evenings! Helps develop young minds - This fun memory board game is a great way to improve kids' cognitive and memory skills. It...

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  • MagicBees™ 3D Hologram Magic Toy with projection

    MagicBees™ 3D Hologram Magic Toy

    Put on your own fun magic show! Start doing magic tricks right away! Introducing the new MagicBees™ 3D Hologram Magic Toy. Grab the glowing MagicBees out of someone`s ear, throw it onto your phone and watch it glow! Impress your friends with your new marvelous magic tricks and be ready for the 'WOW's! It will bring a lot of fun and joy to your get-togethers. Anyone can do magic tricks. No special tips or tricks needed! MagicBees magically glow in the dark; they can whip through the air and from hand to hand. They move pretty quick and bring magic at your finger tips! Under your comman...

  • Shifter Fidget Stick Keychain Blue

    Shifter Fidget Stick Keychain

    Creative new fidget toy made for speed hunters! New bold, creative and premium fidget toy for manual driving enthusiasts. If you are a speed hunter then you know manual shifting is the only way! Save the manual!!! Forget those flappy-paddle, CVT, DCT, or automagic transmissions. Stand up against the deterioration of the true art of driving and make a statement with this bold, premium, interactive Shifter Fidget Stick. Get excited with its cool clicking sound when engaged into gear! This six speed gated shifter has a cool slide bolt clicking sound when engaged into gear. Guaranteed ...

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  • VitaWood™ DIY 3D Vitascope Wooden Puzzle Kit

    VitaWood™ DIY 3D Vitascope Wooden Puzzle Kit

    Build your own working vintage film projector and experience hours of fun and creativity with VitaWood™ - The puzzle that will play you a movie! Do you know what is the physics behind a movie projector? Did you know in 1896 Thomas Edison introduced Vitascope, the first motion picture projector? Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane and create your own Vitascope? Introducing  VitaWood™, the first battery-free 3D wooden assembled retro projector. Piece by piece, frame by frame, build your very own vintage movie projector that reproduces the classic scenes in modern times....