• BrightBar™ Wireless Under Cabinet Closet LED Light

    BrightBar™ Wireless Motion Sensor Stick-On Closet LED

    Brighten up your dark closets and cabinets instantly and easily - no wiring or drilling needed! Transform your closet and dark spaces lighting instantly. Say goodbye to dark closets and dim kitchen counters. With out new Rechargeable Wireless Under Cabinet LED Lights, you can be sure that your closet and every other dark corner of your home is always illuminated. Smart motion sensor to automatically turn it on / off with movement  - This amazing closet light features a wide range motion sensor and will automatically turn on when they sense motion within 10ft / 120° and shuts off ...

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  • Magic-Grip™  Traceless Self-Adhesive Nano Tape

    Magic-Grip™ Traceless Self-Adhesive Nano Tape

    Stick anything on any surface with Magic-Grip™ - The nano tape that organizes your life like never before! Looking for a way to hang artwork without damaging walls? Do you like to keep your items handy right where you need them? Looking for the best way to keep your slippery rugs from moving? Introducing  MagicGrip™, the first, most reliable and only reusable self-adhesive nano tape you'll ever need! Cut, stick, peel and let it hold your items right where you need them. MagicGrip™ is all you need to organize your home in a whole new way! Want to hang your artwork but don't like...

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  • CardLock™ Portable Universal Door Lock

    CardLock™ Portable Universal Door Lock

    Lock the doors that don't have a lock and add an extra layer of security to any door with CardLock™ - The new smart door lock that everyone's talking about! Never feel unsafe again in any room - with or without a door lock! Staying in a hotel or Airbnb and feeling unsafe? Are locks broken or non-existent? We have the perfect solution for you. CardLock™ is the new simple and smart solution to lock any door- with or without lock! It provide additional safety, security and privacy and gives you piece of mind in seconds! Whether you want to add additional safety to your next Airbnb ...

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  • EasyCaulk™ Magic Anti-Mold Peel & Stick Self-Adhesive Caulk Tape Strip

    EasyCaulk™ Magic Anti-Mold Peel & Stick Self-Adhesive Caulk Tape Strip

    Get your bathroom or toilet caulking jobs done easily and instantly - without  the usual mess of caulking! Just peel, stick and get your caulking jobs done easily and instantly! Re-caulking your shower, toilet, wall and kitchen sink doesn't have to be a pain. Our new EasyCaulk™ Self-Adhesive Sealing Caulk Tape Strip is designed to provide seamless caulking and flush seal without the usual mess of caulking.  It's made of premium water-proof, mold-proof PVC material that prevents water from entering seams and keep your bathroom, kitchen or bathtub clean, tidy and mold-free. Now av...

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  • ScrubberPro™ 3-in-1 Electric Spin Cordless Rechargeable Scrubber

    ScrubberPro™ 3-in-1 Electric Spin Cordless Rechargeable Scrubber

    Clean your home 10x easier in half the time with ScrubberPro™ - The scrubber that makes your home look new again! Clean your home faster with less effort. Want your bathroom and kitchen to look new again? Are you frustrated with those dirty but hard-to-reach areas that haven't been cleaned forever? The solution is here! Introducing ScrubberPro™ - the new Electric Cordless Rechargeable Scrubber that will make your home look new again! Smart and simple tool for tough cleaning tasks! No more bending over to reach those dirty unreachable areas in your kitchen and bathroom. Just attac...

    $21.85 - $76.85 On Sale
  • TuneGlow™ Smart 2-In-1 Color Changing LED Light With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    TuneGlow™ Smart 2-In-1 Color Changing LED Light With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Take your room's lighting to the next level, play your favorite music to boost your mood and create perfect fun and relaxing atmosphere in your room with TuneGlow™ - the new Smart Light everyone's talking about! Transform your room's lighting and create a relaxing ambiance in your room without breaking the bank  -  Tired of your old boring white LED or CFL light? Did you know that white LED or CFL lighting can damage your your eyes and disturb your sleep? Upgrade your room's lighting with our new flicker-free color changing lights to improve your room's ambiance instantly and ea...

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  • GlowFX-Solar™ Ultra Bright Motion Sensor Solar Security Light

    GlowFX-Solar™ Ultra Bright Motion Sensor Solar Security Light

    Light up those dark areas around your home and increase your home security with GlowFX-Solar™ - super easy to install, adjustable and ultra bright! Light up those dark areas around your home, increase security and enjoy some peace of mind! Looking for the perfect outdoor security light for your garden, driveway, patio or yard? Look no further! Introducing GlowFX-Solar™ - our new solar security light with the widest illumination coverage and the latest LED technology for maximum brightness. Ultra bright and adjustable, perfect for all outside areas - Our new Solar Security Flood ...

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  • Multifunction Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack) Bundle

    Multifunction Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack)

    Stick anything, anywhere! Discover the new solution for all your fixing needs Stick anything to any surface! Our premium Multifunction Sticky Gel Pad Set is a perfect solution for all your fixing needs. You can use it to hold your phone or iPad while you're working to set them up as useful second screen. Or use it to stick your phone to bathroom mirror to watch your favourite show while getting ready in the morning. It allows for endless possibilities of sticking things to any surfaces. Just imagine all the possibilities when you can stick anything, anywhere... Long-lasting, durabl...

  • UVGlow™ 3-in-1 Toilet Bowl Night Light With Anti-Mold LED & Air Freshener  (Upgraded)

    UVGlow™ 3-in-1 Toilet Bowl Night Light With Anti-Mold LED & Air Freshener (Upgraded)

    Illuminate your toilet bowl, keep it germ-free and add a pleasant scent to your bathroom with UVGlow™! Late night potty breaks are now fun! No more turning on the bathroom light and loosing your precious sleep for night time bathroom use. no more missing your target or stumbling around in the dark in your bathroom! This amazing Toilet Night Light is motion activated and will turn itself on whenever it senses any motion in darkness and then switches off automatically to save its battery life. Kills harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew - keeps your toilet clean and germ-free ...

    $29.85 - $34.85 On Sale
  • GlowFX™ Adjustable Ultra Bright LED Light

    GlowFX™ Adjustable Ultra Bright Garage LED Light

    Brighten up every dark corner of your dim rooms with sun-like brightness of GlowFX™! Transform your garage lightening instantly. Say goodbye to your old incandescent light bulbs or dim fluorescent tubes. This super bright light is the easiest, most efficient way to improve lighting conditions in your garage, basement, attic, warehouse, office and working area. It will make you garage or workshop so bright that you will feel like you've brought the Sun into your room! Just don't forget to wear your sunglasses if you want to look at it directly! Easy to install - no tools or extra ...

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  • ScrubberPlus™ 5-In-1 Handheld Electric Cleaning & Scrubber Brush

    ScrubberPlus™ 5-In-1 Handheld Electric Cleaning & Scrubber Brush

    Clean your house easily and effortlessly - without hurting your hands and arms! Did you know those who regularly do housework often suffer from Repetitive strain or stress injury (RSI)? We have all experienced it! Yes, we're talking about hat unpleasant feeling in your hands, arms, wrists and upper body after you clean your house. Luckily, our new Electric Cleaning Brush is here to help! Introducing the new Handheld Electric Wireless Cleaning & Scrubbing Brush - The only tool you'll ever need for a pleasant and effortless house cleaning session! Get rid of all the stains and dirt ...

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  • DustBuster™ Adjustable Portable Spin Electric Feather Duster

    DustBuster™ Adjustable Electric Spin Motorized Duster

    Dust your home the new smart way with DustBuster™ - The duster that dusts your home in half the time with 10x less effort! Say goodbye to your old feather duster. We all know it! Traditional feather dusters are ineffective and most of them spread the dust everywhere instead of cleaning it. And, using a cloth and spray is downright tedious. But there is a smart solution! Introducing DustBuster™ Adjustable Electric Spin Duster. Get rid of dust in half the time! DustBuster™ is an automatic motorized duster that eliminates dust in half the time. Just press the button and it starts sp...

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