Clever Frying Tongs
Clever Frying Tongs
Clever Frying Tongs
Clever Frying Tongs
Clever Frying Tongs
Clever Frying Tongs

Clever Frying Tongs

Kitchen Master

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Make Healthy Deep-Fried Food Like A Pro

Love to cook fried chicken or crispy fish fillets at home but worried about you and your family health? The new Clever Frying Tongs lets you maximally drain excess oil and enjoy healthier fried meals. Gone are the days of using paper towels for draining fried food oil. No more oil pools in your plates! Your food will definitely look 10x more appetizing and will taste 10x better.

The tongs head is designed to firmly grip your food without dropping them into the fryer or damaging them. It's strainer is the perfect size for most deep-fried foods such as fried chicken, french fries, onion rings. It's the perfect kitchen helper for multitasking and saving time. Pick up the food while draining excess oil at once!  And all these benefits comes at an affordable price. 

Greasy foods contain high amount of LDL fat & calories which may lead to heart attack, obesity, stroke or other arterial diseases. Now that you can maximally drain excess food oil, you're guaranteed a healthier lifestyle. Get them today while supplies last!


  • Alternative to paper towels for draining fried food
  • Medium-length handle for ultimate control while keeping hands far enough from hot surfaces and oils.
  • Won't easily bend and withstands high cooking temperatures
  • Perfect handle tension - not so strong you have to clench your hand muscles hard to grab the food, and not so light you have to do all the work
  • Mess free - no more messy kitchen! Using this strainer tongs, you can tidily fry without oil splattered all over your kitchen sink or countertop
  • Sized perfectly for small and large pots
  • 2-in-1 kitchen helper - picking up the food while draining excess oil at the same time
  • Ideal tongs head size perfect to handle any type of food
  • Made of superior industrial kitchen quality stainless steel
  •  Easily cleanable and dishwasher safe for your convenience
  • Long lasting kitchen tool - ready to be your kitchen helper for years to come!
  • The handle is non-slip and very comfortable to grip.

What's Included:

  • 1 x Clever Frying Tongs