• LoveLetters™ To My Daughter / Son From Mom - Custom Personalized Fleece Blanket

    LoveLetters™ To My Daughter / Son From Mom - Custom Personalized Fleece Blanket

    Give your child a memorable gift of love, courage and warmth and watch their eyes sparkle in love, gratitude and joy! A gift to celebrate the special mother-child-bond - Mother and daughter or mother and son is a special bond that spans the years. Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears. A sense of trust that can never be broken. This beautiful blanket will bring warmth, courage, feeling of love and smile to your child's heart and eyes every time they cuddle up under it. It will be a memorable and meaningful gift for your daughter or son which makes their heart melt every time...

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  • GlowFX™ Adjustable Ultra Bright LED Light

    GlowFX™ Adjustable Ultra Bright Garage LED Light

    Brighten up every dark corner of your dim rooms with sun-like brightness of GlowFX™! Transform your garage lightening instantly. Say goodbye to your old incandescent light bulbs or dim fluorescent tubes. This super bright light is the easiest, most efficient way to improve lighting conditions in your garage, basement, attic, warehouse, office and working area. It will make you garage or workshop so bright that you will feel like you've brought the Sun into your room! Just don't forget to wear your sunglasses if you want to look at it directly! Easy to install - no tools or extra ...

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  • UniCuddle™ Luxury Soft Plush Shaggy Throw Blanket

    UniCuddle™ Luxury Soft Plush Shaggy Throw Blanket

    Warm, soft and snuggly - UniCuddle™  has everything you need to get fall ready! Snuggle up on chilly evenings, get fall ready and give you room a unique cozy charm - Super soft, comfy and cozy, our new Luxury Soft Plush Throw Blankets has everything you want from a perfect blanket. With beautiful tie dye colors and and shaggy long plush design, it will add a touch of cozy vibes to your room. Not too thin and not too think, it's just has the right depth to keep you warm and feel super comfortable at the same time.It's so soft you'll feel you're hugging clouds every time you cuddle...

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  • Creative Watermelon Windmill Cutter

    Slide-n-Dice™ Windmill Watermelon Slicer

    Cut your watermelon into nice, bite-size pieces in seconds with Slide-n-Dice™ Melon Slicer - The slicer that always makes the cut! Do you love watermelon and other refreshing summer fruits? Are you tired of slicing away and you just get watermelon juice all over the place? Do you like to cut your watermelon or cantaloupe into bite-size pieces easily and quickly? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then we have something great for you! Introducing the new Slide-N-Dice™ Windmill Watermelon Slicer! Boring old watermelon wedges are out, perfectly-sized easy-to-eat cu...

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  • Multifunction Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack) Bundle

    Multifunction Sticky Gel Pads (2-Pack)

    Stick anything, anywhere! Discover the new solution for all your fixing needs Stick anything to any surface! Our premium Multifunction Sticky Gel Pad Set is a perfect solution for all your fixing needs. You can use it to hold your phone or iPad while you're working to set them up as useful second screen. Or use it to stick your phone to bathroom mirror to watch your favourite show while getting ready in the morning. It allows for endless possibilities of sticking things to any surfaces. Just imagine all the possibilities when you can stick anything, anywhere... Long-lasting, durabl...

  • LuminAuto™ Smart Multicolor Car Interior  LED Light Kit (4 Pieces)

    LuminAuto™ Smart Color Changing Car Interior LED Lighting Kit (Full Kit - 4 LED Strips)

    Level up you car interior and make your rides more fun and enjoyable with LuminAuto™! Easy to install and perfect for all cars - Does your car interior look boring? Brighten things up by installing LuminAuto™. It can go under your seats, along your doors, or any other place you might want to add some fun and cool hues to your ride. Our new smart atmospheric car Interior lighting system is universal and fits any vehicle. It installs under 10 minutes and is a perfect addition boost the interior of your car. Each kit comes with four light strips that has easy-to-install self-adhesi...

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  • SolarSplash™ Solar Powered Fountain (Upgraded)

    SolarSplash™ Solar Powered Fountain (Upgraded)

    Add A New Level Of Vitality To Your Garden With New SolarSplash™ Solar Powered Water Fountain Patio season is calling, level up your garden decor this season. This unique and practical Solar Water Fountain is a perfect choice to bring a new level of vitality and calming atmosphere to your garden. Just float it on your pool or birdbath and it'll immediately start pumping water in the sun. Solar-powered, eco-friendly and easy to set up. It's powered by its high-efficiency solar panels which makes it an environment-friendly water feature for your garden. Also, these means have there...

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  • VeggiMagic™ All-In-One Cutter Chopper Slicer & Grater With Enhanced Safe Hand Guard (With Free Peeler Gift)

    VeggiMagic™ All-In-One Cutter Chopper Slicer & Grater With Enhanced Safe Hand Guard (With Free Peeler Gift)

    Cut your food prep time in half and easily make healthy delicious meals with VeggiMagic™ - the new All-In-One kitchen helper that makes making food fun! Everything you need to eat healthy in one compact package - say goodbye to your big bulky food processor! This new Cutter Chopper Slicer & Grater comes with everything you need to make healthy and great looking food easily and quickly. It comes 5 interchangeable blades that to get different types of slicing and cuts easily. Whether you want to make homemade potato chips or want to make you favorite salad faster, VeggiMagic™ ...

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  • ScrubberPlus™ 5-In-1 Handheld Electric Cleaning & Scrubber Brush

    ScrubberPlus™ 5-In-1 Handheld Electric Cleaning & Scrubber Brush

    Clean your house easily and effortlessly - without hurting your hands and arms! Did you know those who regularly do housework often suffer from Repetitive strain or stress injury (RSI)? We have all experienced it! Yes, we're talking about hat unpleasant feeling in your hands, arms, wrists and upper body after you clean your house. Luckily, our new Electric Cleaning Brush is here to help! Introducing the new Handheld Electric Wireless Cleaning & Scrubbing Brush - The only tool you'll ever need for a pleasant and effortless house cleaning session! Get rid of all the stains and dirt ...

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  • TuneGlow™ Smart 2-In-1 Color Changing LED Light With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    TuneGlow™ Smart 2-In-1 Color Changing LED Light With Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Take your room's lighting to the next level, play your favorite music to boost your mood and create perfect fun and relaxing atmosphere in your room with TuneGlow™ - the new Smart Light everyone's talking about! Transform your room's lighting and create a relaxing ambiance in your room without breaking the bank  -  Tired of your old boring white LED or CFL light? Did you know that white LED or CFL lighting can damage your your eyes and disturb your sleep? Upgrade your room's lighting with our new flicker-free color changing lights to improve your room's ambiance instantly and ea...

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  • PodsPocket™ 2-In-1 iPhone Case With AirPods Holder Mint Green / iPhone 11 Pro Max / AirPods 1 / AirPods 2

    PodsPocket™ 2-In-1 iPhone Case With AirPods Holder

    Carry your iPhone and AirPods in one compact easy-to-carry package! Never lose your AirPods or leave them behind again! Do you find it annoying to carry AirPods and iPhone separately?Our new smart Phone Case With AirPods Holder is here to revolutionize the way your carry your favourite devices. Now you can have all of your gear with you, always and on demand. No need to carry a separate case for you AirPods anymore - how cool is that? Keeps your pods and phone protected and damage-free. Made from premium silicone, it provides heavy duty and anti-knock protection for your iPhone a...

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  • Twisti™  Adjustable Jar and Bottle Opener

    Twisti™ Adjustable Jar and Bottle Opener

    Effortlessly open jars and bottles of all sizes with Twisti™ - finally a jar opener that works! Tired of gripping jar and bottle lids or running them under hot water to twist them open? Do you tap stuck jar lids with spoon and hope magic will open them? Introducing the new revolutionary Twisti™ Adjustable Jar and Bottle Opener. Made the though task of opening jars and bottles easy and quick! This amazing Jar Opener takes on the tough task of gripping jars and lids, so all you need to do is to twist! Just adjust it to the correct size to fit the jar or bottle's lid and twist the handle...

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