• Magic-Grip™  Traceless Self-Adhesive Nano Tape

    Magic-Grip™ Traceless Self-Adhesive Nano Tape

    Stick anything on any surface with Magic-Grip™ - The nano tape that organizes your life like never before! Looking for a way to hang artwork without damaging walls? Do you like to keep your items handy right where you need them? Looking for the best way to keep your slippery rugs from moving? Introducing  MagicGrip™, the first, most reliable and only reusable self-adhesive nano tape you'll ever need! Cut, stick, peel and let it hold your items right where you need them. MagicGrip™ is all you need to organize your home in a whole new way! Want to hang your artwork but don't like...

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  • Creative Watermelon Windmill Cutter

    Slide-n-Dice™ Windmill Watermelon Slicer

    Cut your watermelon into nice, bite-size pieces in seconds with Slide-n-Dice™ Melon Slicer - The slicer that always makes the cut! Do you love watermelon and other refreshing summer fruits? Are you tired of slicing away and you just get watermelon juice all over the place? Do you like to cut your watermelon or cantaloupe into bite-size pieces easily and quickly? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then we have something great for you! Introducing the new Slide-N-Dice™ Windmill Watermelon Slicer! Boring old watermelon wedges are out, perfectly-sized easy-to-eat cu...

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  • ScrubberPlus™ 5-In-1 Handheld Electric Cleaning & Scrubber Brush

    ScrubberPlus™ 5-In-1 Handheld Electric Cleaning & Scrubber Brush

    Clean your house easily and effortlessly - without hurting your hands and arms! Did you know those who regularly do housework often suffer from Repetitive strain or stress injury (RSI)? We have all experienced it! Yes, we're talking about hat unpleasant feeling in your hands, arms, wrists and upper body after you clean your house. Luckily, our new Electric Cleaning Brush is here to help! Introducing the new Handheld Electric Wireless Cleaning & Scrubbing Brush - The only tool you'll ever need for a pleasant and effortless house cleaning session! Get rid of all the stains and dirt ...

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  • 3D Engraved Solar System Sphere

    3D Engraved Solar System Sphere

    Imagine you could hold the solar system in your hand! Now you can hold the Solar System in the palm of your hand and get fascinated by its beauty everyday! Experience the Solar System like never before. Our new laser engraved 3D Solar System Sphere is that special decor piece you're looking for to add an out-of-this world accent to your room. A sublime eye-catcher, with a handmade design of the Solar System, this remarkable sphere features an advanced 3D laser engraving technique, that re-creates a realistic depiction of all of the planets, as you would see them in real life. Eac...

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  • 2019 Tattoo Sleeve Print Baby Romper

    Sleeve Tattoo Print Baby Romper

    Dress your cool kid in this rad, trendy, and comfy shirt and your little rocker will be sure to turn heads! A rad, trendy, and comfy shirt made for your little rocker! It’s not every day you see a cute baby sporting some awesome tats. Our new Sleeve Tattoo Print Baby Romper has soft and stretchy mesh tattoo print sleeves that are attached to the shirt to keep your little one feeling cool and comfy. Feature cool tattoo prints, it'll turn heads and start conversations everywhere you go. The rompers have lap shoulders for easy pullover and three button snap closures that make changing a ...

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  • World Map Globe Pendant Light

    World Map Globe Pendant Light

    Jazz Up Your Room Decor Quickly And Easily Instantly add a fashionable look to your room decor. Whether hung over your dining table, illuminating your kitchen or creating harmony in your bedroom, this stylish Globe Pendant Lamp adds elegance and style to your house. Look to your pendant globe for your next holiday! Painted iron with a drop light inside this presents you with a canvas for all the world’s countries. We bet you can't find a cooler decor piece for such an affordable price! Made to match your room!  The hanging chain of this beautiful world globe pendant light can be easil...

  • Shifter Fidget Stick Keychain Blue

    Shifter Fidget Stick Keychain

    Creative new fidget toy made for speed hunters! New bold, creative and premium fidget toy for manual driving enthusiasts. If you are a speed hunter then you know manual shifting is the only way! Save the manual!!! Forget those flappy-paddle, CVT, DCT, or automagic transmissions. Stand up against the deterioration of the true art of driving and make a statement with this bold, premium, interactive Shifter Fidget Stick. Get excited with its cool clicking sound when engaged into gear! This six speed gated shifter has a cool slide bolt clicking sound when engaged into gear. Guaranteed ...

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  • Proud Peacock Paint-By-Numbers Kit

    Picarts™ Proud Peacock Paint-By-Numbers Kit

    Drift into your own stress-free world of colors Unleash your creativity and bring this beautiful peacock to life with this easy, fun and creative DIY Paint-By-Number Kit. Order yours today and get a head start in your next art project. Spend a relaxing night and create your very own awesome wall art. It's a fun and joyful activity for family and friends. Paint-By-Numbers Kits are the perfect first step for beginners to enjoy the art of painting and also an excellent exercise for artists who want to practice better brush control. Not confident in your painting skills to finish it? Don't...

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  • GreenMagic™ - The Original Trio Vegetable Peeler Cutter Shredder Set (3 Pcs)

    GreenMagic™ Trio Vegetable Peeler Cutter Shredder Set (3 Pcs)

    Peel, cut, shred and scoop your favorite vegetables in seconds with GreenMagic™ - The original trio vegetable cutter set that always makes the cut! Prepare your favorite healthy salad quickly and easily without risking your fingers! Are you tried of spending all that unnecessary time cutting and peeling your vegetables maybe even risking a few fingers? Not anymore...Now you can use GreenMagic™  to make your food preparation life so much easier! GreenMagic™ comes with a set of 3 amazing peeler, cutter and slicers that can do magic for you! Whatever peeling task, this amazing peele...

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  • InstaRelax™ Multifunctional Electric Cat Head Massager

    InstaRelax™ Multifunctional Electric Cat Head Massager

    Give your furry friend that purrrrrfect massage he deserves! Did you know 64% of cats suffer from stress or some mental issue? Yes, that is true! It has been scientifically proven that many cats who have never received some sort of deep tissue massage, WILL suffer from illness or psychological issue! But your cat shouldn't be one of them. Introducing the new InstaRelax™ Multifunctional Electric Pet Head Massager. A stunning and smart pet head massager that improve you pet's health and happiness significantly. Boost hair stimulation and maintain healthy blood circulation flow. Our Mul...

  • VitaWood™ DIY 3D Vitascope Wooden Puzzle Kit

    VitaWood™ DIY 3D Vitascope Wooden Puzzle Kit

    Build your own working vintage film projector and experience hours of fun and creativity with VitaWood™ - The puzzle that will play you a movie! Do you know what is the physics behind a movie projector? Did you know in 1896 Thomas Edison introduced Vitascope, the first motion picture projector? Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane and create your own Vitascope? Introducing  VitaWood™, the first battery-free 3D wooden assembled retro projector. Piece by piece, frame by frame, build your very own vintage movie projector that reproduces the classic scenes in modern times....

  • COZILY™ Under Chair Cat Hammock Grey and Beige

    COZILY™ Under Chair Cat Hammock

    Turn any chair into a cozy rest place for your furry friends and save space You love your kitty, but all the pet furniture and toys makes your living room unsightly and disorderly. Cleaning around your cat’s furnishings is difficult and you think options are limited? Does this sound familiar? The new Cozily Under Chair Cat Hammock is here to help. You can have a clutter-free home and a satisfied cat. You don't have to choose between your cat comfort and an orderly home. This great cat hammock bed virtually fits under any chair and create a comfy rest place for your cat.  You will also ...