• 3D Engraved Solar System Sphere

    3D Engraved Solar System Sphere

    Imagine you could hold the solar system in your hand! Now you can hold the Solar System in the palm of your hand and get fascinated by its beauty everyday! Experience the Solar System like never before. Our new laser engraved 3D Solar System Sphere is that special decor piece you're looking for to add an out-of-this world accent to your room. A sublime eye-catcher, with a handmade design of the Solar System, this remarkable sphere features an advanced 3D laser engraving technique, that re-creates a realistic depiction of all of the planets, as you would see them in real life. Eac...

    $24.85 - $44.85 On Sale
  • VitaWood™ DIY 3D Vitascope Wooden Puzzle Kit

    VitaWood™ DIY 3D Vitascope Wooden Puzzle Kit

    Build your own working vintage film projector and experience hours of fun and creativity with VitaWood™ - The puzzle that will play you a movie! Do you know what is the physics behind a movie projector? Did you know in 1896 Thomas Edison introduced Vitascope, the first motion picture projector? Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane and create your own Vitascope? Introducing  VitaWood™, the first battery-free 3D wooden assembled retro projector. Piece by piece, frame by frame, build your very own vintage movie projector that reproduces the classic scenes in modern times....